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SEO is all about rankings on search engines especially Google and as a Bedford SEO Company we specialise in ranking our clients websites in the higher positions on search engines so they get business online, plain and simple, our goal is to increase your bottom line.

We like our clients to be involved in the process and truly understand what we are doing and why, even help if they like!

Overall we pride ourselves as a company who is transparent, honest and above all is working towards improving our clients business constantly. We do not believe in automated SEO or being secretive about what we do, in our reports each month our clients receive a detailed analysis of not only the rankings, traffic and successes of the month but are given and understanding as to what we have been doing with their SEO campaign.

One thing that really makes us stand out as a SEO Company is that NONE of our processes are automated, we enjoy SEO, and we thrive on the rankings of our clients and believe in doing everything manually as this really gives us an insight into the why’s of SEO. Call us 0800 112 3117

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Reliable SEO Company in Bedford

SEO is not a quick fix; it’s not something that can be switched on and off over night and should never be considered as a one off. SEO is a strategy, a detailed plan! SEO is about partnerships, proactive management and continual improvement so find yourself an SEO Company who can really be an asset to your business.

If you can’t pick up the phone to your SEO Company in Bedford and really understand what’s going on with your website then give us a call and we will be delighted to give you more of an insight into gaining business through search engines.

Our SEO services in Bedford start from £99 per month over a minimum of a 6 month campaign. This varies in a big way depending on the industry you are in and the competitiveness of the keywords that you need to rank for. The minimum campaign is set up because we need to structure our campaigns over a period of time so search engines perceive the growth as natural and organic, this is the key to a successful SEO campaign.

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What to look for in a perfect Bedford SEO Company

When looking for a reliable and best SEO Company in Bedford you should do a few things to understand whether they are the right partner for you:

Can you pick up the phone and talk about your campaign any time? – All of our clients have a dedicated account manager who is available for a chat anytime about new or existing campaigns.

Have they achieved a good level of SEO success before? – Have a look here or here and spot our client in position 1 on page one respectively for some competitive keywords and here for postion 1 in video search. Also look here where we have ranked the same client in position 1 and 2  for video search. We also have the other end of the spectrum, results for competitive keywords that convert highly, keywords like this and  where the client is number 1  for a city search phrase used for tv, film and media industry.

SEO is all about being agile, proactive and transparent. It is not a dark art or something that is easy to do but it is something we are passionate and vocal about, as an SEO company in Bedford we don’t think there are any better than us!

Give us a call or use the FREE SEO Health Check Tool below and within a few minutes you will recieve your free SEO analysis. – Your local Bedford SEO Company

Our SEO team in Bedford are here to help

Our Bedford SEO team are available to talk about your campaign at any point and our account managers are familiar with all campaigns, customers’ requirements and objectives so you can be sure to always get through to someone that really understands what you require from your SEO in Bedford.

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